Understanding Neurodivergence: What is it and How Does it Impact People?

Neurodivergence is a non-medical term that describes people whose brain develops or works differently than what is considered standard or typical. This means that a person has different strengths and difficulties from people whose brain develops or works more frequently. Neurodiversity is the term for people whose brains work differently in one or more ways than are considered standard or typical. It is a view that brain differences are normal, rather than deficits.

The term originated in the autistic community, as a way of referring to non-autistic people, and is used to describe a person whose neurological development and condition are typical, in line with what most people would perceive as normal. Neurodivergence now refers to any structured and consistent way in which the brain works differently for a group of people than for most others. We have had extensive access to the neurodiversity programs of SAP, HPE and Specialisterne (the Danish consulting company that created these programs) and we have also interacted with people from Microsoft, Willis Towers Watson and EY. In Germany, the recognition of the benefits of moving people from public assistance to jobs that generate tax revenues has led to the creation of publicly funded jobs to support the retention of neurodiverse employees.

The Neurodiversity Movement is a social justice movement that seeks civil rights, equality, respect and full social inclusion of neurodivergent people. You may decide to consider yourself neurodivergent if you don't have a diagnosis but think, behave, or interact in ways that are out of the ordinary. Neurodivergent individuals can bring new perspectives to a company's efforts to create or recognize value. They may focus on different aspects of a problem than their neurotypical counterparts, allowing them to come up with innovative solutions.

Neurodivergent individuals can also be more creative and open-minded when it comes to problem-solving. They may be able to think outside the box and come up with solutions that others may not have considered. Neurodivergence is an important concept that should be embraced by society. It is important to recognize that neurological differences are normal variations rather than deficits.

Neurodivergent individuals should be given the same opportunities as their neurotypical peers and should be respected for their unique perspectives and abilities.

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